Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Romance (Part 3): A comic interlude (random comics and clips)

A lot of good speakers/preachers keep topical illustration and content files.  I have found that too complicated.  I have a single, huge, comics and illustration file.  At the beginning of each quarter I brouse it to see if there is anything useful for my upcoming talks.  It turns out that in the last few years I have collected more material on romance and relationships than any other single topic.  So I gave it its own folder.[1]  I chose a handful for the talk…and decided to put a few more up here.  Sources include NatileeDee, toothpastefordinner, xkcd, youtube, saturday morning breakfast cereal and a couple others I have forgotten.

Note: This one is not only hilarious but also really insightful.

For some reason this one reminds me of the presidential debate last night.

[1] Second place, it turns out, is existential dread.  Apparently sex and oblivion are either particularly funny or are topics I really resonate with.  So I have created two topical sub-folders and I’ll do a post like this in a couple months that highlights the comedic material from the second one.


You with us said...

Love the first video and the last one would be hilarious is the creepy factor wasn't so high.:)

Justin Bower said...

That 80's video montage is mind-blowing..

"I'm interested in most phases of data processing...""Fire breathing dragons!""

stanford said...

The "most phases of data procesing" one gets me every time.

Bronwyn said...

A someone married to a guy who is interested in most phases of data processing, I don't know whether to be ashamed or feel that somehow, I hit the jackpot by finding a gem of a guy who would otherwise have been dismissed for extreme dorkiness. I really need to get me an I love my geek t-shirt. Oh wait. I have one. It says roses are #FF0000' violets are #0000FF, all my base are belong to you.