Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grand Canyon (Part 1) - Photos

So I’ve been off line.  You see, the Ecology program I’m in requires a field class, so I found myself in the Grand Canyon for 10 days and over 100 miles of science, adventure, and cool people.  It was pretty great, so I think I’ll run a couple posts about it.  Here are some scenery pictures.  Later I’ll run some adventure pics/vids and I might even finish and run a couple of geology poems that are precisely as astoundingly nerdy, ironically earnest, and enjoyably horrible as they sound.

Elves’ Canyon
Blacktail Creek
Deer Creek Falls

Deer Creek


Havasu Canyon

Havasu from a cave

Havasu Creek

Pumpkin Springs

[1] It just didn't seem right to run a post without footnotes.