Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Judah and Joseph: The 'Confessional' Video

So I have a finite reservoir of creative production, and the blog has not been getting it lately. But I have several nearly complete posts, so brace yourself for a flurry of whatever it is I do here. But in the mean time, here is where my creative energy has been going (actually, not really, because this scene was written by Peter Nittler and shot and produced by Landon Ellis (the actors)…but this is the kind of thing I have been investing in).

This was part of a 4 Act effort (which I hope to post in its entirety) to tell the intertwining stories of Judah and Joseph in the latter chapters of Genesis. This is act 2 and covers the 'sex scenes' of Genesis 38 and 39. Judah discusses his darkly complicated relationship with Tamar to his therapist and Joseph explains to a cell mate how he ended up in jail. The idea was to do a kind of 'reality show confessional room' thing, and it kind of went from there:

This effort started out as a blog post last summer. After I wrote that I thought, well ok, my mid spring quarter talk is pretty much done. But when I revisited it is seemed REALLY dull. So I enlisted the help of a couple of our creative students and we each wrote a 4 act play over spring break and then melded them into a story. I called it an exercise in ‘experimental exposition.’ The whole script is here.
Some stuff I’m working on:

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