Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nerd Humiliation

From time to time I get an idea for an xkcd comic.  Here’s the last one.  Xkcd is nerdy and brilliant and doesn’t take suggestions.  So I try my hand at them here.

Tooltip: There is 'late binding' joke in here somewhere.
Reading your old code is like flipping through your year book.  It makes you nostalgic and horrified:  I remember that guy, he was deeply problematic.  Yikes, how on earth did I think that shaving one side of my mullet made it a good idea?  I don't have a sex tape floating around that someone could put on the internet to humiliate me...but if someone posted my early (or, sadly, contemporary) code, it would be embarrassing.


Jansen said...

What, no footnotes?

stanford said...

The tool tip is kind of a footnote in this medium. :)

Anonymous said...